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AmiriBaraka -Somebody Blew Up America-FreeMumia Abu-Jamal -30th Anniversary of Incarceration

#AmiriBaraka “Somebody Blew Up America” @ #FreeMumia Abu-Jamal 30th Anniversary of Incarceration from adele pham on Vimeo.


Philly Mayor Michael Nutter Mic-Checked at Harvard

Philly Mayor Michael Nutter Mic-Checked at Harvard

Let’s Occupy Foreclosed Homes

We Are Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Let’s Fix Our City! Solutions and Video from Nov. 6 Event

From: occupyphillymedia.org
Text and video by Suzy Subway and Scott Pierpoint

On Sunday, November 6th, sparks of creativity flew as community activist groups fighting for and rebuilding our communities met at the main stage of Occupy Philly to share their visions for our city.

Speakers from ten groups gave us the basics about their work to stop prison expansion, gender discrimination on SEPTA, and casino capitalism; provide health and safety tools to sex workers; and win housing, support for impoverished mothers, and progressive tax policy. Armed with these insights and our own imaginations, presenters and attendees then formed small groups to brainstorm how to make Philadelphia a better place to live.

Reflecting on the Dilworth Plaza renovation, with federal, state, city, and private spending totaling more than $50 million, community group and Occupy Philly participants considered three questions:

How could $50 million be spent to meet people’s needs?

What should we pressure the city to do that doesn’t involve spending money?

What can we do without city funding or approval to fix our city?

This is what we came up with together:

How could $50 million be spent to meet people’s needs?

  • Jobs (cleaning up neighborhoods, rehabbing housing, moving towards a guaranteed income)
  • Housing (support for people facing eviction, End 30-month wait time for public housing, fixing up abandoned houses, home maintenance for homeowners)
  • Health-care (Free clinics, collectively-managed, dental, vision)
  • Funding youth after-school and anti-violence programs
  • Better funding for schools (smaller classrooms, more programs connected to the community, mental health and social services at schools)
  • Transportation (free public transportation, revamping/extending SEPTA facilities)
  • End AIDS housing waiting list
  • Community-based independent newspapers
  • Support cooperative businesses
  • Support Harm Reduction services (click here for a definition)
  • Safe spaces for women
  • Free city-wide WIFI
  • Support for single mothers (income, programs/services to help)
  • 24-hour libraries
  • Food access (community gardens, food support)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Legal services
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Debt forgiveness for utilities

What should we pressure the city to do that doesn’t involve spending money?

  • Stop foreclosures
  • Tax corporations and big non-profits to pay their fair share
  • Use empty libraries or schools at night to teach adults
  • Decriminalize sex work and drugs
  • Stop “Stop and Frisk”
  • Stop penalizing folks on basis of criminal records for public assistance
  • Spay and neuter healthy pets
  • Make more bike lanes
  • “Ban the Box” (click here for a definition)
  • Promote real green jobs
  • Stop evicting community gardens
  • Decarcerate (put fewer people in prison)
  • Remove police from Occupy Philly
  • Centralize/streamline intake process for the homeless
  • Set up online clearinghouse of current and planned housing programs for case managers
  • Help communities organize themselves
  • Institute a land value tax
  • End the youth curfew
  • Better systems for reclaiming / re-purposing buildings
  • No more billboards
  • Promote community control of the media
  • End tax abatements (click here for a definition)
  • Promote volunteer mediation / conflict resolution
  • Remove gender stickers from SEPTA passes

What can we do without city funding or approval to fix our city?

  • Utilize empty homes/buildings (take them over, map them)
  • Occupy vacant land (Community Gardens, community spaces, building land trusts)
  • Build community control
  • Occupy the workplace / promote worker cooperatives
  • Community health-care and education
  • Re-appropriate resources: electricity, food, water, gas
  • Time-banks, barter networks, skill-shares, tool libraries
  • Transformative justice (click here for a definition)
  • Neighborhood budget councils (click here for a definition) and General Assemblies
  • Collective housing
  • Community outreach/parties
  • Food-buying clubs

Click on the links below to find out more about these awesome groups!

Decarcerate PA
Books Through Bars

Casino-Free Philly
Global Women’s Strike

Every Mother is a Working Mother
ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)
Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE)
Vote for Homes Coalition
Project SAFE
Neighborhood Networks

Let’s Fix Our City! Videos

Intros: We can end this senseless austerity. Why not tax the rich? Community groups can help us find solutions!

Speakers from Community Groups, Part 1
(Decarcerate PA and Books Thru Bars)

Speakers from Community Groups, Part 2
(Casino-Free Philly, Global Women’s Strike and Every Mother is a Working Mother)

Speakers from Community Groups, Part 3
(Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE), Vote for Homes Coalition, and Project SAFE)

Our Solutions!

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