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Occupy Philly Eviction Party Shift Sign Up


From: occupyphillymedia.org

 by cindymilstein


We may be in for a few days of waiting it out with the police – which is great! The space is still ours! But to keep our occupation, and the people in it safe, we need a strong presence at all times.

Please use this public sign-up list to let folks know when you can commit to holding down the fort:


Shifts are split into 4-hour blocks (but you can commit to a shorter time, if needed), with special colored boxes for members of working groups to sign up (e.g., we need at least one medic and rapid response person at all times). Everyone is welcome to write their name in any open space during a time they can come. If all the spaces in a given slot are full, you can still show up, but please consider filling out a less popular shift whenever you are able!

We hope this tool can prevent burnout from people staying awake for days or working 17-hour shifts. Please use it, share it, and even edit it to make it a better tool if you feel so inspired. Also, as this is a public document, there’s no reason to use your real name if you don’t want to.

Thanks for your unwavering dedication!


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