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Confront the 1%’s Construction Plans to Privatize Dilworth Plaza!

The corporate tools of Center City District are arrogantly holding a meeting Friday 6pm inside City Hall to discuss their $50 million construction plans for Dilworth Plaza – right under the noses of Occupy Philly. Let’s crash their party!Since October 6, the 99% have transformed Dilworth Plaza (the public area west of City Hall) into a tent city, meeting and protest space, and General Assembly practicing direct democracy.

Bu …t our permit from the City ends when Construction on the Plaza begins (as early as November 15). The plans include building a cafe and an ice skating rink, and turning this public space, where hundreds of homeless Philadelphians live, into a privatized zone for the wealthy to frolic.

This is gentrification – removing the poor (and the Occupiers) to pave the way for tourism and corporate BS – in other words for the 1% to make more money.

For more info see: http://www.centercityphila.org/life/dilworth_plaza.php

This is the official description of the meeting:


Panel Discussion
Friday October 21, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Northeast Corner of Philadelphia City Hall
6th floor, Courtroom 653

Susan Weiler / OLIN
Richard Maimon / KieranTimberlake
Paul Levy / Center City District
Gary Steuer / City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy

The City’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy in collaboration with the Center City District, OLIN and KieranTimberlake, presents a panel discussion about the project soon to take place in Dilworth Plaza. The panel discussion will be held from 6:00-7:00 pm with reception to follow. Transforming Dilworth Plaza exhibition running at Philadelphia City Hall from October 13 – November 18, 2011.

For more info on Center City District, see “The King of Center City”: http://www.citypaper.net/news/2011-10-06-paul-levy-center-city-district-philadelphia.html?viewAll=y




Erik Petersen from Mischief Brew plays Occupy Philly

Erik Petersen from Mischief Brew will be playing Occupy Philly at 9:30pm on Sunday, October 16th
Get there on time!


October 12 2011 at 3:00 pm – Meet at City Hall on the West Side of Dilworth Plaza – March to Hill International at 15th and Chestnut

March from Occupy Philly to Hill International to Demand:

Wednesday is the final day that multinational corporation Hill International will be accepting bids for who will construct the two new state prisons slated to be build in Montgomery County on the grounds of SCI Graterford. The expansions will double the current size of Graterford prison at a projected cost of $400 million, and includes a 100 bed death row and a women’s unit.

This planned prison construction is just part of a $685 million dollar plan to build three new state prisons and expand 9 others in Pennsylvania in the coming years. These prison expansions come at a time when budgets for education and human resources are being slashed left and right.

These cuts will continue to devastate already struggling communities throughout Philadelphia. Public money is better spent on education, job training and placement, treatment programs, and non-punitive programs that address the root causes of violence in our communities.

Join us to demand an end to corporate prison profiteers

Join us to demand money for education and social services, not incarceration.

Join us to submit our own “bid” for what we would like to see in our communities: Quality Schools, Jobs and Job Training, Community Based Re-entry, Health care for all, Stable Housing, Access to Healthy Food and Restorative Forms of Justice.

DecarceratePA is a coalition of organizations and individuals seeking an end to mass incarceration and the harms it brings our many communities. We seeks mechanisms to establish and maintain whole, healthy communities and believes that imprisonment exacerbates the problems we face. DecareceratePA seeks a lasting moratorium on all new prisons or prison expansions, county jails, or immigrant detention facilities.


For more info you can email us at DecareceratePA@gmail.com or check out our website at http://decarceratepa.info/


Anti-Columbus day

Why do we think it is necessary to organize a march against Columbus day?

…a very effective answer….


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